Friday, January 30, 2009

Just A few Notes

Yesterday. 6.42 pm. I just arrived from Kuala Lumpur. Office matters.
Irfan was waiting outside ; with a lot of complaints;-
  • Along had not allowed me to use computer

  • Angah had scolded me for using the computer

  • Along had not allowed me to main PS

  • Angah and along kata saya manja

  • Along don't want to be friend with me. Angah too
Along was fully occupied with her Myspace, ym, skype. Her World. But still managed to stop and hug her mama before went back to her chair.

Angah had a training bowling session at the Megalane . She enjoyed herself very much.

While waiting for Angah to finish her training, Suamiku tercinta had his latihan sulit bowling Part 99. "Err..i don't want to waste my time". Well planned. He had booked the lane 3 days earlier.

Whatever , i love them very much!

Exhausted. I just stayed at home .


Mat Cendana said...

This one made me smile; made me happy...
Anak kesayangan Mama tak sabar-sabar tunggu you sampai rumah, nak complain ya, Haha! Kesian pulak kat dia.

Oh, that also reminds me: What's Along punya YM ID? Nak try Add sekali lagi. I think dah at least three times tak berjaya, somehow. Dengan Tehsin pun jadi camtu jugak, until finally boleh.

sherry said...

Along's YM ID is :

Naz said...

Salam Sherry,
Your *baby* is so cute. I can imagine dia dok tunggu je you sampai, nak present you with that list.. :D
Kids are a blessing kan.

Anonymous said...

K Jane- I love and miss them so much tooo...sob sob...homesick laaa


sherry said...

Dear Naz.

Thanks for singgah ye. Jangan regret , my blog tak sehappening as yours and yang lain.

Memang, kids are anugerah tuhan..yang tidak ternilai.

Take care.

sherry said...

Aunty ija,,

All of us pun luv and miss u and family very much.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sherry...the kids are adorable! Especially Irfan, poor him, looks like the girls gang-up against him. Must have another boy lah... :-)

mamasita said...

Ni muka semua sama ikut mama ke muka ayah ye?
Muka2 akauntan belaka!! hehehe

Niena said...

we did not do such things !
heh. although yg manje is truee .

sherry said...


Dah tua lah..masuk 41 this year..lagipun dah best main bowling, alih2 kelek baby..

sherry said...

Datin Vouqe Mamasita.

Muka 2 - 2 la. Hasil kerjasama! ha ha .