Saturday, January 3, 2009

Steamboat In The Rain

As always, The Kids are looking forward to have an Outside family Dinner . For them, An Outside Family Dinner is very important and is inside their List of Things To Do During Weekend . They have their own reasons, of course . 5 Busy Days Schooling the whole day, the fardu ain and mengaji 's class at night , an outing including Outside Family Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner are some sort of hari raya for them. And , as for me whom not a full time housewife ni PLUS not good enough in cooking, that event is ibarat Pucuk di Cita Ulam mendatanglah kan. TST lah what is the reason.

So, for tonite, it's Angah's turn to choose the place. " Angah nak makan steamboat lah mama.."

For certain peoples, maybe it's too luxury to do it every weekend. Actually it's depends on family's affordability. So, as for me, why not..JOM kita makan steamboat . Mama treat @ belanja all of u, tapi babahlah yang kena bayar. Yummy..

To Brother MC di Pasir Mas.
The Pulut Kuning tak ada dalam ingatan lah dah.


Zawi said...

I didn't know you are also into blogging too and what a surprise to find your blogsite after looking at your profile.
Eating out is sometime enjoyable as the ambience and change of scnenery can be a great appetizer. Whatmore when you can afford it. My wife and me often buy takeaways to take home to eat as cooking just for two people sometimes isn't economical at all. Only the excessive use od MSG at restaurants is keeping us away from enjoying more outside food.

Mat Cendana said...

Hahaha! Ni kira `nak balas dendam' to me sebab bagi Deq terlior hari Jumaat tu; saya cerita hal pulut kuning special yang sister-in-law buat. Mujur PAGI hari baca yang ni - if not, memang terlior jugak heheh!

BTW semalam TIDUR MATI - Actually, dari petang lagi... penat betul kerja this week.

Anonymous said...

K Jane..
I sukerrrr steamboat...makan kat mana nih..


sherry said...

@Pak Zawi
Thanks for dropping.

sherry said...

@ Bro MC
Lain kali jangan buat orang terliur nak makan itu ini..

Sometimes tido mati okay for me time study dulu...weekend ajer memang tido mati @ qada tidor puas2..sanggup tak turun makan, tido punya pasal.

sherry said...

@ Ija

We all makan Steamboat kat kedai sebelah Selera Suzana kat Indera Mahkota 5 tu le.. Not bad rasanya.

sherry said...

@ Ija

We all makan Steamboat kat kedai sebelah Selera Suzana kat Indera Mahkota 5 tu le.. Not bad rasanya.

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