Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Rain, Along's Wishes...

It's raining all day long...My first Daughter had begging me to buy MP4 for her...!

Along, 14 years old really wish she could have her own without sharing with her sister, angah .
Hmm.... just tak sampai hati to reject her rayuan ...i think i can afford to buy her one.

Finally at 2.37pm, Megamall Kuantan, Samsung MP4, RM 299 .

Kasih ibu bapa tidak ternilai dibandingkan dengan wang ringgit...any objections?



Zawi said...

You are lucky she wasn't born earlier when a mini CD player was the portable music player in trend. That could have burnt a bigger hole in your pocket. MP4 are much more affordable with much superior features.

Mat Cendana said...

You might remember "zaman dulu", Sony Walkman yang pakai cassette. Wah, sapa-sapa yang ada ni, nampak class betul... Sampai kaya Everyready jual battery heheh.

Like what Zawi had said, the quality i.e value-for-money in the products now - the MP4 player including - is amazing.

Lantak Deq lah, it's YOUR money... asal they, the children, are doing what they're supposed to do, I guess it's okay. And especially more so when you can afford to treat them with such. Cuma beringat supaya jangan go overboard; supaya they'll know and appreciate the value of money...

sherry said...

@ Pak Zawi.
Agreed with u. Tak boleh tahan budak2 sekarang, banyak sangat Must have gadget yang diorg nak..

sherry said...

@Bro MC.

Seingat Deq, time belajar dulu Walkman Cikai pun tak de..masa kat UUM barulah mampu beli radio cassette NATIONAL PANASONIC..itupun guna duit biasiswa MARA..masa kat ITM langsung takde even radio pun, tapi lucky, my roomate anak orang berada..boleh jugak tumpang semangkuk.