Saturday, January 3, 2009

Another Strikes and Spares

Premium Lanes. Friday . 2nd January ,2009 . 8.45 pm . So, the scores were 198, 194, 207, 186, 188, 176!
Well, that was my first bowling tournament for 2009. And i were the only lady who participated. Ha ha...kira ada berani lah jugak. Since, the others were either A or B male bowlers.

Eventhough i didn't received any hadiah , not even a free games voucher , i'm very glad to find out that my name is not the last one in the position list, at least and gratefull also because i have managed to kalahkan my husband in this tournament! (alamak...dia yang bayarkan games fee tadi..Sorry bang..ter score lebih dari u..)

Happy Bowling As Usual.


Zawi said...

Aha, you beat Nazmi to it. Well done. So bowling is not a man dominant game. Brawn is not entirely the sole criteria.

sherry said...

@ Pak zawi

For me, kalah takper, tapi main biar ada stail...baru puas hati..hehe..