Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The C Bowler Strikes Back.

As some people already know, last week in Another Strikes And Spares my husband was beaten by me in the tournament.
Well, since there was another tournament last nite , and despite not feeling very well due to having flu and running nose , he seemed very eager to strike back.
I was suprised to learn that Mie went for bowling almost everyday since that loss . He had trained very hard to improve his bowling techniques with the intention to win . He was trying to perfect his timing and his footwork; aiming to perform perfect delivery as to get more strikes and convert spares as well i guess.
By the way, not like the other C or Beginner Bowler , Mie threw a hook ball! Macam pro @ A bowler la pulak. And the best part was i had also received the compliments ..pandai lah suami sherry tu main.. macam sherry jugak..bola hook cantik sungguh. Ha ha. Can't help rasa kembang and just love to hear it.
The Tournament Day - Premium Lanes , 9 pm, 10 games.
Participants : 34 C Bowlers( The only brave Lady was me!)
As my scores turun naik and ada scores hampeh (can see below) as our favourite Pengulas Sukan Bro Mc had said : 198, 158, 215, 157, 186, 168, 227, 201, 187, 218, unfortunately, Mie had performed a very good game till the end...habihlah i kali ini. He managed to beat me with flying colours! Double happiness for him ( and for me lah as well kan ) - he also received RM 400 . His name was the fifth one in the Final Result. dear abe, don't forget the cash should be equally distributed, harta sepencarian.
Well , it was not my day plus i have a very good reason..tak baik derhaka suami..sekali sekala bagilah suami menang. Furthermore, i alway remember this ; even i should fail, the odds are still pretty good that the sun will still rise in the east tomorrow morning! Ada ubi ada batas, lain hari boleh balas.


Zawi said...

Did he beat you this time?

sherry said...

Salam Pak now, u dah tau the result kan..

Hmm...sabtu malam nanti ada lagi games! Kita tenguk sapa yang kena..

Mat Cendana said...

This is a real FUN post! I really like it. You're starting to write more loosely now. That's great:-)

radius-qatar said...

..interesting post. Komen tetap komen....itu bola baru ke..? you're always the brave one not even among ladies or mak2 budak but among us..hi hi hi (this is a compliment tau...) Mabrook to abg Mie..I akan tanda dlm buku 555 nt kena Qada belanja kitaorg...wakaka..!

sherry said...

Please don't ask me to pulang balik the TRACK BALL ya...buruk siku namanya.

And your Spinner ball tu i tak buat apa2 pun lagi...,manalah tahu kot2 nak jadi spinner plak nanti.

Mat Cendana said...

You may not have beaten Mie again yet... BUT being CHAMPION just now is even sweeter I'm sure:-) I hope there'll be a new post about it, describing what had transpired.

Nazmi "C jer" said...

Thanks for the compliments. As the saying goes: "practise makes Perfect!". There are still lots to be rectified. This year is gonna be the "payback year". For Lan, pls make 2-3 copies of that buku 555!

VersedAnggerik said...

Hi! Orang Kontan?

Mat Cendana said...

Yang previous tournament tu - yang Mie in contention right until the end despite having a fever - was exciting for me too. I'm lucky that Sherry ni rajin jugak dok update dengan SMS; walaupun sepatutnya dia concentrate fully (sebab dia pun masuk jugak).

But anyway, I really appreciate that - turut boleh feel the situation somewhat. When you were in 5th place when going for the final game, I had been hoping "for something"... But the final result is still definitely okay - you getting a prize had given me satisfaction too.

And Sherry becoming CHAMPION yesterday - Well, what can I say! It was even more satisfying because she had updated me even before the tournament had started.

After knowing about the first game where she had 218(?),`something' built up inside me... daring to imagine "Sherry boleh jadi champ ni,if she maintains something close to that..." It was real SATISFACTION!!