Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Pretty In-Laws and ...........

My husband is the only son in the family! So my in-laws semuanya pompuan whom i dah anggap them as my own kakak and adik-adik.

Let me introduce them one by one:-

The eldest is Kak liza. She lives in Melbourne, Australia. She loves cooking and gardening. Hmm..Shira also love cooking! Frankly, it's a big relief for me , ada jugak yang ikut jejak their Mak Chaq as their mama love things other than cooking...hehe. By the way, we are looking forward to visit her one day soon.

Then there are Azah, Alin and Nurul.

Azah is a lecturer and she appears to be very happy with her job ! She is good at table-tennis. Saya sangat kagum since table-tennis is one of the games that i just can't play to save my life! Ehem...but Azah, besides her being good in table-tennis is also a good bowler!

Alin is an IT person. However i am not sure whether she now has her own blog or not . Maybe she is just too busy doing her Unit Trust .

Lastly, the youngest sister is Nurul. She is a very good guardian@ 'warden asrama' to my daughter Nina...Thanks Makyu for taking care of Nina during her stay at Galing's Asrama Puteri until now. And having to layan her kerenah etc ....

From Left to right. Azah, Alin ,Nurul and Me! Ladies in pink !(except the Greeny Alin)-during our Aunty's wedding at Pekan last 2 weeks.

Kami bersukaria bergambar di atas pelamin orang! hehe. V pose itu sudah tiada! Btw, thanks Nina for the good pictures. Maybe Mama will consider your Wish List - The Nikon! provided that u achieve your no I Wish List first!

The Smiling Makyu...

Another good pose from us !

While enjoying our photo session very much, there was someone who looked very familiar sedang bertungkus lumus performing his duty at the corner of the house.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pelari Sekolah, Bowler , Tukang Masak and........

Eleven years old Shira.
She likes to bowl and cook! She enjoy dancing and singing! She loves to bake cookies..What else is your interest, Shira? ....hmmm...menyakat Along and irfan is also your hobby !!!!!

Shira with Nabila, her cousin during our trip to Setiu last year.
Psst..familiar with the V pose?...remind me of Ahan, The Vouqe Lawyer!

Below is one of the cookies baked by her last week! Yummy !

Whenever mama was playing chef, Shira was very ringan tulang helped Mama! Dah boleh harap anak mama ni...While Along doing segala cuci-cuci baju, Shera helped me in the kitchen.

She helped me cuci sotong and ayam!

.....and these lala adalah permintaan khas Si Irfan!

Last but not least, we love you Shira! ( Irfan asked me to write this!)

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Next...

My Next Entries:-

1. Shera, The Tukang Masak.

2. The Wedding and The Ipar Duai.