Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mama, i don't like ur spaghetti, i just love it !

.Those magic words came from Irfan immediately after he had finished enjoying a bowl of spaghetti prepared by me.

And, i'm very pleased to hear these ayat from him as well... " sedapnya mama masak ".

He is very smart indeed, he knows how to bodek his mama, sedangkan by tenguk kat gambar sebelah nipun boleh boleh dapat tahu banyak manalah pandainya mama masak..he he..Work smart.


Zawi said...

I don't know if my earlier comment went through so I will rewrite. Delete this one if the earlier did got through.
All I said was for you not to doubt Irfan's word as it maybe the truth coming from the heart of an innocent child. I think he sincerely meant it.

sherry said...

@ pak zawi..
Thanks pak zawi for ur brotherly words.

Mat Cendana said...

Kerap dok dengar hal spaghetti ni; jadi terlior. Thanks for putting up the pixs. At least I now know what the components are.

maicher said...

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Mat Cendana said...

Amboi, pandai betul spammer yang datang kat sini: Memang betul dah potential customer ni!! Haha!!

Deq, BELI, BELI!!...jangan tak beli pulak Gucci ni...