Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Pagi Berembun Bowling Tournament!

Last Friday night, the bowling centre had organised a tournament with a combination format of 9-pin tap (2 games), 3-6-9 (2 games) and 10 pin (6 games).

It was such a very-very longggggggggggggggg and tiring game!  It finished at 2.30 am !

They were 45 bowlers and among them they were only two Ladies! One of them was me! Kira I ni berani jugaklah to join that game even dah quite pretty sure, a chance to win sangatlah tipis senipis salju! But i had decided to join in order to get some exposure and tried my new bowling ball at the same time.

Well, the first game was not that bad! (for me) . The score was 239! masa tu dah macam sedikit confident! My confident level increased! Unfortunately, the second game was a bit disspointing! I only managed to get 168 !hahahaha...9pin tap and u got tak sampai 200! memang hanyut di lautan!

But the game must go on. At the same time, all the participants have to change their lanes. The right bowlers moved to the right lanes whereas the left moved to the left. My 3rd and 4th game's score were 215 and 208 respectively. Yeayyyy..suker! suker! Tapi org lain lagi lah  suker sbb diorg dapat more than that!

The time has come for the real game! I was ready to strike !

Do you want to know what happen next? Stay tune for the next post! daaaaaa.....


princeduyong said...

boleh tahan jugak ye...

sherry said...


Thanks for dropping by. Akak ni gaye jer lebih!

syahirah said...


saya langsunggggg tak boleh dibawa pergi bowling tournament.

sure menyumbang kekalahan gemilang kepada team.haha

sherry said...

hi Syahirah.

Kalu begitu, di mata pihak lawan, anda adalah lubuk emas kesayangan mereka! hihi.