Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Something Old, Something New.

Something old, something new, kuat bodek..something else new!..

My hubby had bought me a new bowling shoes somewhere in March. Quite a months ago but due to sangat sayang nak pakai, i just keep it in the store room.

Finally, yesterday i decided to use it during my Maksak's Training..sangat match dengan my Red Track bowling ball..sedondon gitu!

"Che Pah! Already give up and langgar your pantang? asked Miss M.

" Err..takder pemberian atas dasar kasih sayang semulajadi tau"

To be honest, i'm still berpantang going shopping..that pantang masih bertahan until now...............! Even sebotol kicap and seekor ikan pun i tak pi beli tau. Err Boss, please do remember that your wife still can't go to Gi**nt or T**as Ma**a for buying groceries pelbagai, makan kat luar ajelah ye . By the way , please provide me with the usual " duit dapur" ! jangan deduct, so that i can keep and save it for better future ( the correct words should... i can use it whenever my pantang dah dilanggar just in case soon..he he he..boleh Soho Mama?)

So, apa cerita bowling....? I must say that so far so good lah kot.

Lastly, Thanks to My dear hubby for the month a new bowling ball pulak ye.! Love you.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

14 years old Nina

The year was 1995. Now is 2009!

Today is Nina's birthday.

Happy birthday to our darling Along !

We love you very much.

Nina - 6 months.

Sayang anak mama..ehem. toyo nya mama nina.

She love posing maut very much. hmm...Nina with her Posing Maut during Merdeka's day celebration in Kuantan

During one of the hari raya.
Another posing maut from Nina. Enjoy!

Hmm...i must mengakui that she is the darling of the house ! Anak manja babah ni.

update 8.14pm: thanks Mak Tam for the very lovely post about Nina's BOD here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And The Result is....

Ingat tak cerita i pi kursus PTK last year, here.

And so the day of judgement arrived.

And the result is :-

Bhgn 1 : Ujian ARAS IV
Bhgn 11 : Penilaian ARAS IV


Reason To Smile..maybe my pantang going shopping sudah sampai ke penghujungnya..just to reward myself, anyone?

Apa-apapun, alhamdulilah, syukur kepada Allah mendahului segalanya.