Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Subject : PTK
Date : 16.10.08 - 28.10.08
Venue : Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur

A week before raya, had received an instruction memo from the Adminstration Department to attend a PTK COURSE..haiya..must go ka? Actually, frankly speaking, due to several reasons and i better not put them here ( hal opis..tak baik citer kat org luar..politik opis ) - i wasn't willing to go. However, as with what my husband had said; why must i keep questioning all these things? Go and buktikan u r really qualified. Must fullfill all the requirements. No hanky panky, etc, etc. Okaylah my dearest hubby, i'll go then.

23rd September,2008

I went to the course's briefing given by The Organiser - Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur ( Kuala Lumpur City Hall). It was held at DBKL, Jalan Raja Laut. ( Yahoo..could go shopping since Sogo is just nearby!) There were 40 participants including me and they came from various agencies like the Majlis Daerah of Seremban, Kulai, Alor Gajah and Hulu Langat, Majlis Bandaran Subang Jaya, Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan, Majlis Bandaran Ipoh and from DBKL itself.

Finally, at the end of the briefing, we were given "Soalan-Soalan for Kerja Khusus "(Questions For The Course Work) related to our Service Scheme. We had to choose one of them, and get ready to present it during the course. We were also given Topic Titles for the "Public Speaking" Segments to be held in Bahasa Malaysia and in English.

I went back to office with headache. "Sempat ke to finish it on time? Which topic should i choose ? Whom should i refer to ?" Remember that Hari raya was just around a corner at that time. "What should i do? Withdraw from the course? I'll attend the course next year. Bla.bla.bla "

24th September, 2008 - 26 September, 2008

Location : Perpustakaan Awam Negeri Pahang

Mission : To search for information on the given topics; which i haven't chosen yet. Looking forward to prepare and create the best Course Paper. Presumably, that will get the best marks too.


Anonymous said...

Macam cerpen ni--


Mat Cendana said...

I hope you won't mind me giving a bit of my opinion here. Firstly, I'm pleased to note that you are very prudent in not wanting to write about things that might be "controversial and contentious" when it comes to your department and employer.

Yes, it's good to "have an opinion and voice what you think". On the other hand, there are things that should be handled behind closed doors and not be aired for all to see; especially that prickly matter of "office politics".

In the worst case scenario, someone might even get sued because of something written in a blog. And remember that bad feelings against you might arise. Unlike things "spoken", what you "write" can be "saved to disk" and "printed" - and copied and distributed a million times.

"But you can delete them later if you regret it, right?"

Yes, you can. And it would appear that "they are no longer there". But not always. You see, there are "bots" trawling the Internet that automatically save pages (storage is very cheap nowadays) once every so often.

One of them is by Even websites and pages thought to be "long dead" could be found there.So, it the bots had Saved your page before you had deleted it, it'll be in existence FOREVER. And you have no way of asking them to delete it, usually.

So, I'd recommend that you just stick to "personal and routine stuff" like what you are doing with this one and previously. Let people like me, Sakmongkol AK47, Kijangmas and the likes write "things controversial":-) Heck,we don't have to "jaga hati"anyone, that's for sure Haha!

Remember that this is a personal blog.

departmental things that are best not aired in public

sherry said...

noted. TQ

Malaysian Tigress said...


Just write from the heart. Whatever interests you, touches you, whatever personal joys you wish to share etc.

And follow MC's advice...hehehe

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