Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ramadhan 18

Syukur kepada ilahi mendahului segalanya..setelah beberapa lama tertanya-tanya ,terfikir-fikir etc..etc...i think i know what should i do now...actually ada jugak kawan-kawan yang provok...nikmati ajelah hidup...kerja dah bagus..jawatan dah bagus...gaji dah dah ok...kawan ok..main bowlingpun dah ok...dah wakil Maksak Pahang puashati lagi ke....NO...No....bukan tidak bersyukur...bukan tidak menghargai dengan apa yang telah ku dapati dan miliki..tapi sebagai tanda kesyukuranlah...i think i should do something else...contribute something to society,,,tak semestinya "projek" gala...tak semestinya projek perlu tangguh-tangguh lagi...esuk akan ku mulakan...perjalanan baru telah bermula...hidup rasa lebih bererti.......


Mat Cendana said...

Below is a comment that I had made at my blog. Wah, Bagus, Bagus!! I see that you have started to write your blog again. New look too! I'm going to RSS your site...

What happened to the Chat Box? Might be a useful tool here... Erm, can you do away with that "Word Verification" to post a comment? Kadang-kadang sakit mata dengan tulisan dia. Kadang-kadang tersilap type, dia reject. Annoying betul, tak pasal-pasal.

[Comment from my blog]
I've been thinking about the various comments that you had made here and at your site - the ones about "starting to write again" or/and "to start a new blog"...

Although I'm a newbie in blogging (all of one month experience), I have learnt quite a number of things from this. About your present site: Why don't you continue?... with things about your personal and professional sides?

And maybe get your husband to be an author too over there. Wah, romantiknya; siap dengan share blog!:-)

But seriously, why not continue? Don't bother too much with "hits" and such - it's the Kepuasan (Satisfaction) that you'll get. And others - especially those who know you - will be able to keep tabs.

Don't discount the benefits that it might bring "for others"; strangers. "God works in mysterious ways", as the saying goes. We just don't know that something we had written might somehow make some sort of postive impact that we had never intended nor even dreamed of.

Take that post where you had written about Nazmi coming back from Umrah - It had affected me; I was touched by "certain sentences"...

Among other things, I'll be interested to know more about that course you had attended in Korea. And I'm certain there will be things for me and others to learn.

Each of us have "our place in life", which provide unique perspectives and insights. In your case, it's "married, female, malay muslim, senior government servant, upper-middle class, establishment (I think)..."

With Che Ariff, it's (among others) "Political leanings and status - Establishment, Centre (I think), politically connected, intellectual, economist, open-minded enough..." etc

With me, it's "Disenfranchised, fringe, near-social outcast/hermit, definitely liberal concerning racial & religious matters, places more on "spiritual" than "religious", leaning towards anarchy, on the mend and trying to rebuild a self and a life destroyed, can write a bit..."

All of us can learn from each other - if we are humble enough

A tip: Use your HEART to write (instead of "HEAD") ... honesty, sincerity, not preaching, not ego-boost...

Mat Cendana said...

I'm gladdened when I read this - of your desire and intentions to contribute something towards others.

Too many people talk about this and that, complaining left and right, making suggestions, criticising ... but not DOING anything. Or, not according to their specific abilities and resources that God has made possible.

It's something like this: Person "A" contributes RM100 towards a "Good Cause" (whatever it is). Person "B", RM10.

Who "is better, and has done his part?" Not necessarily A - we have to look at their individual resources before deciding.

"A" has RM1 million in assets. "B" has RM100. B is better and has done his part - he had contributed 10% of what he has. A's amount "is 10 times more". But has he really "shared what God had given to him" with this one? I hope you understand what I'm trying to say here.

I don't know what exactly the resources that you have, and what you intend to do. But the fact that you feel moved enough to "mention" it is a significant start.

Whatever you want to do, let it be sustainable - not hangat-hangat tahi ayam.

And pace yourself - DON'T do things that place too much stress on yourself and your family. I know of a few people in this situation: Fighting and working for various good causes BUT failing in things that matter the most - FAMILY. I'm writing from experience here for I'm one of them.

You can count on me should you need opinions and perspectives. Good luck!

sherry said...

@Bro MC..

Thanks for very's good to have u as a mentor@advisor@consultant nak charge me jugak ke?....